Tree Removal in East Stroudsburg, PA

Backed by decades of experience, Gerhold Tree and Landscaping is capable of providing tree and landscape services to residential and commercial customers throughout East Stroudsburg, PA. Call us for tree pruning, bracing or removal, as well as landscaping, excavation and grading, yard cleanups and seasonal snow plowing. We’re here to keep your property safe and beautiful!

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Tree and Landscaping Service


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Tree care is difficult and dangerous without the right equipment and training. If you’ve got trees on your property, leave the work to Gerhold Tree and Landscaping!

We’ve got decades of expertise behind us and the foresight required to give your trees exactly what they need.

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Give your greenery the attention it needs to thrive.

From pruning and bracing to complete tree removal in East Stroudsburg, PA for dead or damaged trees, we make your needs a priority and promise satisfaction:

  • Pruning:

    Trust our tree cutting service in East Stroudsburg, PA to keep your greenery looking great and growing strong. We prune trees to promote sustainable growth and to prevent overcrowding of branches. The result is a healthy tree that looks great!

  • Cabling:

    If you have a tree that needs bracing to keep it from splitting, we can help. We’ll keep growth away from power lines and structures, while supporting positive shaping for long-term health and stability.

  • Tree removal:

    Our specialty! We’re experts in tree removal, including for dangerous situations after a tree has died or become damaged due to a storm. More than removal, we can replace it with a sapling to help reforest!

  • Stump grinding:

    An unsightly stump is an eyesore for your property. We’ll grind it down below ground level, fill in the hole and erase the presence of your stump to restore the beauty of your landscape.

We Cut Down the Competition with Results that Speak for Themselves

Our business is built on the idea of doing a good job quickly and ensuring total customer satisfaction. Once we understand your tree care needs, we don’t waste time in delivering them! When we’re done, you’ll have trees that look great and grow strong, as well as a property that looks well-cared-for and properly managed all year long.


  • Our experienced team has more than 38 years on the job. We’ve handled jobs of all types and are prepared to provide your property with the best tree and landscape solutions.
  • We’re extremely qualified when it comes to dangerous tree removals. From storm damage to dead trees, we use expert rigging techniques to safely remove them.
  • We have a dedicated staff to answer your phone calls and provide you with information about all the services we offer. Expect us to always be courteous and professional.
  • We put worker safety first and have a phenomenal track record of safety, while delivering results in even the most complex, dangerous, risky situations.
  • Our business is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We take pride in delivering superior results to our customers, keeping our community looking beautiful!

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From pruning and cabling to dead tree removal and stump grinding, we’re the best call you can make when it comes to dealing with your trees!

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Tree and Landscaping Service





Locally -Owned & -Operated

Proudly providing tree removal services to East Stroudsburg, PA and the surrounding areas:

  • Stroudsburg, PA
  • Analomink, PA
  • Marshalls Creek, PA
  • Winona Lakes, PA
  • Wooddale, PA
  • Henryville, PA
  • Tannersville, PA
  • Reeders, PA
  • Neola, PA
  • Sciota, PA
  • Brodheadsville, PA
  • Saylorsburg, PA
  • North Bangor, PA
  • Roseto, PA
  • Bangor, PA
  • Akermanville, PA
  • Mt Bethel, PA
  • Mt Hermon, NJ
  • Hope, NJ
  • Blairstown, NJ