Landscaping Services in East Stroudsburg, PA

Gerhold Tree and Landscaping lives up to our name with a full range of services dedicated to improving your property. From landscape installations to cleanups and junk removal in East Stroudsburg, PA, we keep your property and everything on it pristine!

  • Landscaping:

    Our team of landscapers in East Stroudsburg, PA specializes in delivering new landscape installations of all sizes. We plant trees, shrubs and flowers, while shaping new beds and laying fresh mulch. Our abilities also extend to railroad tie walls and various hardscaping projects, giving your property personality!

  • Retaining walls:

    Whether for erosion control or as a decorative addition to your property, we build and install retaining walls of all sizes. Let us mark the front of your commercial landscape or bring definition to your residential backyard with a sturdy, beautiful retaining wall.

  • Excavating:

    We offer residential excavation, grading and trenchwork for various projects. Our experience includes general excavation for new landscape installations, as well as grading for erosion control and much more. We excavate with care, ensuring your property is well-cared-for.

  • Drainage:

    Go a wet yard? We can drain it off and restore its lushness and greenery! Our drainage control options include work with downspouts and French drains, addressing areas of your property prone to flooding and water buildups.

  • Cleanups:

    Spring cleaning isn’t just limited to your home! We help get your yard ready for spring and summer with junk removal, shrub removal, building material removal after a renovation and more, including general lawn clean up.

  • Snow plowing:

    When the snow starts to fall, count on us to dig you out! We offer 24-hour plowing and shoveling for pathways/walkways, streets and driveways. We’ll also lay salt to protect you against the da ngers of ice buildups.

Tree and Landscaping Service

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If you need any of the landscaping services listed above, contact Gerhold Tree and Landscaping today! We’ll do whatever it takes to leave your landscape looking beautiful.

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