Tree Trimming & Stump Removal

Tree Service

There are a number of reasons tree work might be needed. Tree trimming and removal are ways to keep your property and all people on it safe. Trimming breaking or dying trees can help prevent accidents, especially during storms. Tree work can also be beneficial to avoid overgrowth that might attract unwanted beds, pests, and critters to and around the property. If you have trees and overgrown bushes leaning on your homes or buildings, it can lead to pest problems indoors or on the exteriors of a structure. Tree removal also might be necessary to get more sunshine on your property. Whether with landscaping or gardening, lack of sunlight can change the ability to grow other plants on your property.  Lastly, the overall aesthetic of your home or business will greatly improve by scheduling yearly maintenance. 

Stump Grinding

If a tree has been cut down or even fell in a storm, stumps can be a hassle to get rid of without the proper equipment and training. Our trained professionals have stump grinders and other equipment to ensure the job is done well. Our team will fill the hole to make your property look good as new. Untouched stumps can not only be a safety hazard but can also decrease the value of your property.


Our team can do a full landscape construction including drainage work, retaining wall work, walkways, grading and planting. We understand the stress of landscaping can be on business and homeowners. Call our team for planting and maintenance. 

Looking for a service you don’t see listed? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to get the job done. Our team are trained professionals. Attempting to do tree work without professionals can be dangerous.

Snow Plowing

When winter comes, Gerhold still has your back. Our team is skilled in snow removal to keep winter safe and enjoyable. As you know, not having someone to help with snow removal can be a major safety concern for you business, employees, and customers. Plan ahead by scheduling our snow plowing services ahead of time. When there is a heavy snowfall, we will put your location on our route. We plow, lay salt, and even clear sidewalks and entryways. 

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